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Fast and fun is the game plan for Denver-based punk trio Egoista who formed in 2021.
Since then, lead singer Marco Contreras, drummer Sam Sternman and bassist Todd Daigle have cranked out two albums, HEYDAY, digitally self-released in 2021, and Having Fun Is The Gateway Drug in 2022. They doubled up on this second album to release their full collection of 25 fast paced melodic punk rock tunes onto a black vinyl pressing on Lionheart Records, and later on a limited edition shimmer purple vinyl on IM Records. Egoista’s renowned live sets are also a fast and fun affair with nearly 20 tunes coming at ya with the energy and fun levels maxed. Egoista played almost 30 live shows in their first year and they continue to tour clubs nationally with festival dates also planned in 2023 including Punk Rock Bowling in Las Vegas. “Our big thing is we like to write catchy, fun songs. When we play live, we want people to have a good time. We always have a good time and we hope that translates. The world is too serious, so let’s have some fun, play some music, hang out with our friends and not make things over complicated,” says bassist Todd Daigle.

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